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11954551Our Service Approach

Our high level of service is based on a careful choice of products within our portfolio. We have worked extensively with the manufactorers we have partnered been selective with the equipment we supply and maintain; choosing market leading brands that also have a proven track record with reliability. The spectrum of equipment we promote provides our clients’ with a portfolio diverse enough to meet their requirements, whilst keeping the range truly focused to a level that doesn’t dilute our technical expertise and supply chain.


Platinum Partner Support Programme

Modern office equipment delivers ever increasing performance, speed, volume and quality. On-going reliability of such systems therefore relies not only on expert installation, configuration and training, but also studious maintenance. We realise that left unchecked, problems will occur and often during your busiest (most critical) times, with costly consequences. We are therefore proactive in the maintenance of our equipment. To compliment client work schedules we often work in advance of the manufacturers’ official service intervals. Our investment in preventative maintenance increases up-time and therefore delivers better office productivity to our customers when it matters.



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